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When Blackberry Ngadat

Baru saja layanan data Blackberry-ku habis. Walhasil, hanya dengan sedikit pulsa yg tersisa, aku ndak bisa ngapa-ngapain kecuali telpon, eh miscall, dan sms. Aku mencoba daftar bonus internet, eeee ternyata tidak membantu kecuali hanya bisa dipakai untuk Uber Social. Thanks, Uber… BBM jelas ndak bisa. Browsing ndak bisa. Opera apalagi. Whatsapp membisu.. Pokoknya semua yg […]

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What Languages I Should Learn First

Languages I mean here are foreign languages that may be difficult for me to learn. They are so many languages in this world. Some of them are categorized as international language. So, I must prioritized what language which I should learn first. Here is my list..

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2013 Resolution

It’s a common for us to make some resolutions in the moment of new year. And me too, wanna spell resolutions for 2013. So, what are they?

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